Virtual Research Environment (VRE)

CPAL is participating in the evaluation of a novel virtual research environment (VRE).  This work is funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee and is coordinated from CARET, the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies, in Cambridge. 

Photograph of Dr. Patrick CampbellThe aim of the VRE project is to explore the nature of collaboration within education research communities, evaluate existing collaboration tools and for CARET to develop new ones tailored to the needs of the education research community and its users.

Dr Patrick Carmichael from CARET (on the right) supports the CPAL team as we are looking for ways to incorporate the VRE into our research project.

Everyone interested in the work we are doing at CPAL are welcome to use the VRE either to access useful resources or as a forum for discussion. If you are interested to obtain a username and password to access the VRE please e-mail with your personal details (name, e-mail, work title and organisation). You will then receive an e-mail with your username/password as well as information on how to use the VRE. 

Tolog into the VRE please click here.

Contact: Oscar Odena
Tel: (44) 028 90973746
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